Make Money Blogging

Scan through Pinterest and Google, and you’ll find living Bloggers and Business-people who have created fortunes blogging.  Can you really make up to $100,000 per month writing about stuff?!

For the most part, the bloggers that might make thousands are expert SEO Marketers, Influencers with an established group of followers, or just know digital marketing like it’s the back of their hand.

One of the main revenue sources of revenue isn’t Google Ads, Traditional Advertising or Writing Deals.  The method we know they use that still goes wildly unchecked, unbalanced, and underused that could bring in significant cash is called Affiliate Marketing.

So now that you know you can, let’s figure out how you can.

Step 1:  Get Website Hosting

By spending a solid amount of cash on hosting you’ll have the potential to run your own business.  Sure, you can settle for free website services like, but you’ll give up branding opportunities.  By committing to hosting, you’ll have your own Email Address, Website Domain Name, and Faster Processing.

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Step 2:  Learn Affiliate Marketing

You’ve seen it online on Pinterest.  You’ve seen the success stories with monthly income reports.  But, like many out there:  You Have No Clue What Affiliate Marketing Is! Well, luckily we’ve dedicated this portion of our site to simplifying Affiliate Marketing so much that anyone can understand what it means, and how to apply it to business and life.  But if you have any question what-so-ever, please shoot me a text!


By the way, I work as an Affiliate Marketer professionally.  What I do is work with well-known brands to establish and analyze potential opportunities.

What is Affiliate Marketing You May Ask?

Affiliate Marketing has been around since the commerce world has started.  Sure, it’s entirely different today, but the gist of it remains.

Let’s say Caveman A brings a Tasty Treat to his tribe and Caveman B is impressed by the quality of the treat.  If Caveman B goes and successfully hunts for the Tasty Treat, Caveman A should have been rewarded for finding the Treat, to begin with.

Of course, Cavemen didn’t always share, but if there were a reward behind it, that would necessarily be a commission or compensation for showing the way to get to the Tasty Treat.  Affiliate Marketing works very similarly.

Technology and Referring People to Stuff

As a society, we’ve always been referring people to goods and services for as recorded history began.  Whether it’s trendy clothing, food, or cleaning services that act of compensating the person that can connect the dots is what is somewhat new.  And now, because the internet is all about connecting through links and social media, we can measure affiliate marketing and referrals down to the T.  Thus the growth of the Affiliate Marketing world.

caveman trade

Affiliate Tracking Technology itself has been around for nearly 20+ years now by utilizing powerful networks, to standalone software.  Things haven’t changed much though so the guts remain the same since Affiliate Marketing’s inception.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Affiliate software hosts Cookie Tracking Ability
  2. Blogger/Publisher/Social Media Influencer Grabs Approved Affiliate Links
  3. When Readers or Potential Customers Click Links Cookies are tracked
  4. Should Reader End Up Buying – Publisher is Rewarded

Nothing other than the IP address is typically tracked, so no need to worry about personal information like Credit Cards and such.

Affiliate Commissions

There have been many breakthroughs in the affiliate world, but one major thing remains.  Using your approved Affiliate Links are the guts of what you need to make money.  When you are accepted by an Affiliate Program, you’ll be able to extract Tracking Links (aka Affiliate Links).

When you share these links with your readers, and they end up clicking them Cookies are transferred.  Should a reader buy through the link, you’ll be rewarded with a commission.

What does this mean?  You need to share affiliate links with your readers to make money.  Bloggers do this strategically through:

  • Creative Content
  • Social Media (Pinterest is approved for it)
  • Messaging
  • Hundreds of other creative ways!!

Bloggers that can creatively write and place affiliate links are the ones able to make large incomes through this aspect.

Step 2:  Applying to an Affiliate Network

There are about 5 major Affiliate Networks within the USA and dozens more internationally.  So one of the major pain points of becoming an affiliate marketer is finding the right programs that fit your following because there are so many darn networks!

By the way in case your confused.

Network: Host multiple programs like Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target

Program: One merchant and it’s the ability to give you links. i.e. Macy’s

If you are too intimidated by applying to massive amounts of programs and networks, FlexOffers, a well-respected affiliate network, provides a one-stop place with most programs ranging from Groupon, Kohls, Newegg, Best Buy, Etsy and much much more.

Since you won’t have to join multiple networks, which can be recommended once you are a pro affiliate marketer, FlexOffers has everything you need right there in front of you.

FlexOffers Featured Programs

You’ll need a few things before you get rolling with a network like FlexOffers.  And this goes for most networks.

  • Valid Website with at least 10 posts of content
  • Valid Email Address
  • Valid Business Address

That’s it!

Apply to Affiliate Programs through the Network

Using FlexOffers as an example, you’ll be able to apply to programs.  Some may take a bit to review your application, and in many cases, these reviews consist of making sure you are a legit person, an also an excellent source of organic (natural and not bogus) referrals.

Depending on how many followers, you should be approved to run Affiliate Links, but make sure your followers aren’t purchased.

FlexOffers Terms

Approved for a program?  Start using links!

To get starting with a link, it will work the same amongst most major affiliate networks:

  • Find the approved program by search or use the Links menu option
  • Click the Approved checkbox
  • Hit the Orange Search button
  • See your authorized links
  • Sort by the program by typing them into the program search box

Tip:  An advertiser is the host of products, for example, Groupon is an advertiser.  It’s just another fancy word for an Affiliate Program

Links via FlexOffers

From this area you’ll see a few things, you’ll see the HTML code, which would include the text you would put in front of the link or even a graphic.

The affiliate link here is “https://track.flexoffer…..fos=1″ the other text right after, rel=”nofollow,” is not technically the affiliate link and can be disregarded.

FlexOffers Tracking Link

Now let’s try other Monetization Methods…

What are some other ways to monetize your website?

  • Advertising (Google Adsense and others)
  • Digital Products (i.e. eBooks)
  • Coaching or Tutoring

Google Adsense is the most popular way to earn money through passive advertising. You’ll have to sign up to Google Adsense:

  • Get Verified
  • Apply for Ad Types (like Banners and Text)
  • Insert these Ads
  • The More Views on these Ads The More Money You Make!!

Here’s why these methods are so darn useful (and accessible):  Little to No Overhead

What this means is there is little cost to you to use these techniques including starting a blog compared to other business models.  So if your blog fails, there is little out of pocket expense for you.  However, don’t let this be a factor in your motivation to keep your business growing!

Hot Tip:  Mediavine

If you are starting to average 25,000 views per month (trust us, that ain’t so easy), then you’ll want to look for newer alternatives when it comes to Google Adsense/ Banner Advertising.  Mediavine is widely regarded as the best here because it could offer you a lot more money for your ad space.

slaying social mediavine

Tip:  Social Media is Absolutely Crucial

You’ll need to connect with your audience through social networks.  One thing we’ve noticed about Social Networks these days is that it’s vital for your blog’s success if you aren’t necessarily skilled at SEO.  Without a Social Presence or SEO knowledge, your blog will have a hard time going.  Be thorough and get yourself onto these social networks (and be active on them):

  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Tumblr
  5. Instagram

Yes, in that order.  According to multiple sites we’ve researched, Instagram rarely helped a blog’s overall success.


On the other hand, we checked the Student Loan Hero’s Instagram page (which was recently acquired for 50 Million Dollars), only had a dozen pictures on Instagram, about a thousand followers on Facebook and so forth.  So depending on your model, it’s not ALWAYS critical.

For Pinterest, we’ve heard that outside of Google’s Page Rankings for your posts, Pinterest will be the best source of organic (natural and not bought) traffic around.  We’ve had an OK experience with this, although we can confidently say that out of all of the networks out there, Pinterest seems to be the best for your blog’s business overall.

Pinterest Traffic
Our Pinterest Traffic is Up and Down – But We Use It!

We took a course on Pinterest that we recommend you start with.  In fact, we wish we had just bought this course first before all endeavors into the Pinterest world.  The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course is a bit pricey but worthy of your money considering the authors have legit made a ton of cash and won a lot of traffic through the platform.

Believe it or not, no blogger will tell you their exact recipe for success as that’s their competitive advantage. 

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Our Top Affiliate Networks

  • FlexOffers:  Make it easy and join a network with most of the programs you need under one roof!
  • AWIN:  Etsy, OnePlus, Disney World UK, Travelzoo and more
  • Pepperjam:  PayPal, 4moms, Legalzoom
  • Amazon Associates:  Yep, it’s Amazon’s Affiliate Network
  • Impact:  UBER, Kohl’s, H&M, Hello Fresh, and many more
  • Commission Junction:  Boxed, Office Depot, CITBank, and more
  • MagicLinks:  Great for YouTube Influencers and Alike
  • Wildlink:  Want to skip the blog bullshit and just refer people links?

For other Tools visit our Helpful Tools page!