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Updated April 2020

So you’re ready to start a website.  Congratulations!  Hosting is the biggest purchase you’ll make when starting a website, but fret not!  We’ve made it super easy to find the best around.   

First step is making sure you want to register a new domain or not.  Domains are essentially the branding of your website, so pick something easy to remember! 


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Need affordable WordPress Hosting? Here's the choice!
BlueHost is a perfect solution for bloggers and those who simply want to get stated with their WordPress adventure.  This may not be thebest choice for those who are looking for other solutions like Drupal, or WooCommerce, but you’ll find everything you need right out of the box with this service.
Customer Support
Free SSL
Easiest host to get started
Solid Support
Limited Storage
Not as fast as many WordPress Dedicated Hosting Services
Aimed at Bloggers

You’ll find that BlueHost has a number of plans best for what you need.  For instance, many bloggers and potential website owners don’t have their domain registered yet.  BlueHost offers a Free Domain with a purchase of their annual plan.

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No deals at this time 🙁

Pricing is advertised as a monthly bill, yet you can only pay annually.  Yeah, so don’t really look too much into what you’ll see up front here.

bluehost pricing

You’ll notice that the space available on your site is much bigger than what you’d get at some other sites.  This is one of the perks of BlueHost!  Though you don’t see it, you do also get an SSL certificate installed.  But to be sure, always check with customer support and let them know you want it installed properly (chat can do this)!

What You’ll Really Pay…

Let’s say you already host a domain somewhere and you want to use that one.  You’re in luck!  That’ll save you on most hosting services, BlueHost included.  But first, let’s imagine that you’ll be wanting a brand new domain included in your annual hosting plan (Basic) Domain With Annual

Looks like you’ll be paying $71 for your hosting service.  This can be decreased even more if you choose not to accept Domain Privacy Protection.  So, what exactly is that?  This will enable your information to be publicized.  Trust us, you don’t want your information public to all those spammers who will want to sell you on unnecessary services lie $200 graphic design.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain)

Here’s a look at pricing when you bring your own domain…

BlueHost with Domain

Like many sites, you can save a bit of cash here by bringing over your domain to the hosting provider.

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Our SiteGround Score
Price + Speed = Best Bang for Your $
SiteGround offers one of the most affordable, yet versatile solutions when starting a website. You’ll be able to fix any major issue through the amazing ticket system, which includes a chat with a real human being. Through this chat, we were able to fix SSL issues, install WordPress easily, and much more. For the price, you may find it hard to beat!
Customer Support
Free SSL
SSD Storage (faster than normal)
Daily Backups
Customer Support through Chat (responsive!)
StartUp plan has limited storage (but enough to get going)
Customer Service is King

SiteGround is one of the more affordable solutions for web hosting.  You’ll be paying approximately $47 if you bring over an already hosted domain, and $20 more if you don’t.  Pricing, like most hosting services, is listed by month, which we think is loopy and kind of misleading, but nevertheless, you’ll probably be paying for a year.

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No deals at this time 🙁

The pricing found on their site…

siteground pricing

While you can get more with the bigger plans, especially if you are already hosting a website and want more room for traffic, plugins, and themes, the StartUp plan will still include:

  • Free SSL
  • SSD Storage
  • Daily Backups

These three things alone make hosting with SiteGround a pretty darn good option for those looking to make a blog or website today!

What it will really cost…

Depending on your needs, as a beginning WordPress site, you won’t run into many major holes with their StartUp plan.  With it, you’ll get enough space to launch effectively, manage new content, and even build a business.

Here’s the outcome when we picked a random domain name (that is included)


As you’ll see using the StartUp plan with Domain Privacy enabled, you’ll be charged around $75 your first year.  Remember, this is an introductory price and could change after your first year.

We highly recommend Domain Privacy.  Why?  If you like not having your number spammed by “Website Designers,” “SEO Gurus,” or any other business trying to sell you on stuff you can easily do yourself, then it’s well worth the $12/year for the domain privacy.  Keep this in mind though, you can buy domain privacy with your domain provider too!

bring your own domain
By bringing your own domain it’ll cost just $47 to get started!


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Our Squarespace Score
All in one, beautifully designed site
Here’s the deal with Squarespace:  You can easily set up an amazingly designed site, quickly, yet you’ll find that there’s little flexibility.  WordPress, for example, will offer thousands of unique plugins that may fit your needs.

With Squarespace, you’ll likely need additional programming done for customization.  Still, for those looking to easily set up a portfolio based business (Photography, Real Estate, etc.) Squarespace is a good place to look at.

Customer Support
Easy set up
Try it out before you buy
Designs are Amazing
Premium Design for Non-Designers

Squarespace, unlike many other hosting services, does truly bill and price based on a monthly basis.  That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t get a few perks right away by going with an annual plan.  With an annual purchase, you’ll receive the standard Free Domain (+SSL).

Any deals?
Save 10% on an Annual Membership with code: PARTNER10

Squarespace is truly unique when it comes to testing out its product before you buy.  It’s one of the first, free trial services, where you’ll be able to test out and design your website for 14 days until you feel ready to purchase.  After the 14 days, you won’t be able to edit the site until you pay.

Why Paying Monthly Makes Sense

If you have a domain already or are seeking a new place to host your website, Squarespace may fit the bill if you are an artist of any kind, or just simply looking for a simple place to put information.  You’ll be able to store and edit content with a few clicks and keyboard strokes and have no issues with SEO since it’s mostly built in.  Plus, any issues you have you can always contact the Squarespace customer support easily!

pay monthly squarespace

We forgot to mention, that yes, you may even be able to host an eCommerce business through Squarespace to allow yourself to sell goods and services.  There’s an additional fee per month in doing this, but the functionality is easy to integrate!

Save and Pay for a Year!

By devoting yourself to Squarespace for the full year, you’ll be saving a bit of cash, plus be eligible for that free domain.  Not only this, but Squarespace’s pricing is very transparent and won’t be extremely different after your first year.  This means, why you buy annually, and you plan on keeping the site, don’t expect any new extra charges for the next bill.

squarespace annual

Here’s what the yearly pricing looks like in lamens terms:

  • Traditional Website: $144
  • You want additional customizations or have a development team: $216
  • Start an eCommerce based website: $312
  • Premium eCommerce business: $480

By the way, the $26 eCommerce plan rivals Shopify’s $29 because you won’t get charged transaction fees!

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Check out some of our other favorites!

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WPEngineWordPress Focused Hosting with Amazing Speed!$35$350View
GoDaddyCheap Hosting but with a Reputable Brand$6.99$72View
HostGatorFlexible Plans, similar to BlueHost in Speed$10.95$77View
DreamHostReputable Hosting since the 90's with Great Service!$4.95$70View
HostPapaWordPress Business Pro Hosting comes with JetPack PremiumN/A$81View
BigScootsUSA Based WordPress Hosting thats dedicated to help you perform!$34.95$394View
KinstaPremium WordPress Hosting that's more affordable$30$300View
InMotionLarge amount of storage for beginner sites + JetPlan Option$6.99$84View
Liquid WebFree Testing Environment to plan your website accordingly$29$232View
CloudwaysFree Trial Plan to help you get started$10+N/AView

Most annual plans do include a Free Domain and SSL package.  Advertised rates may fluctuate at any given time, these amounts were shown to us in July 2019. 

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Wilfredo wrote on December 2, 2019:
GoDaddy is cheap and works for me
Emma wrote on October 28, 2019:
Can't stand Bluehost, think about switching to WPEngine
Nikolas wrote on October 16, 2019:
Dreamhost has been my hosting service, not bad at all 😁
Jamie wrote on September 5, 2019:
I tried WP Engine and although it's pricey my Food blog has seen faster growth. Not sure if related 😉
Kathy wrote on June 25, 2019:
Siteground has been amazing, I always reach out to them via Chat. They always solve my problems!
Arnold wrote on June 18, 2019:
BlueHost. They're not bad, but I've had several issues with speed. For the price though, you can't beat it!